Walking Slowly Downhill

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Domenico de Clario (Italy/Australia) will walk the entire length of the Murray River from its source at Mt. Kosciuszko National Park to the river mouth at Goolwa, SA.

Supporting artist Steven Rhall (Taungurung) will collaborate, document, upload a daily live webcast and pilot the support vehicle for the duration of the journey.  

Domenico’s first step, before setting out on the journey, has been to request permission from Traditional Owners along the Murray River to walk their country. From this first step the project will unfold in as yet unknowable ways…

September 13 until December 23, 2015

Domenico de Clario was born in Trieste, Italy, in 1947; he immigrated with his parents and sister to Australia in 1956 and all have lived and worked in Melbourne since then.  He wishes to walk upon and through Country (with the permission of its Elders) because he wants to walk the length of the Murray River, from source to mouth, as a beginner; perhaps even as a migrant singing his way through the journey from the watershed of the Murray deep in the Snowy Mountains to the Goolwa.

Steven Rhall’s interdisciplinary practice responds to the cultural landscape, creating networks of interconnected signs and symbols. Reflecting upon both medium specificity, the meaning of objects and cultural semiotics, Rhall merges post-colonial and interpersonal narratives. Rhall is a Taungurung man from Kulin Nation Country northeast of Melbourne and southwest of Kosciusko.  Known for his photographic practice, his installations often include video, found objects and materials of advertising.

This extraordinary durational and performative project begins with the commencement of the walk at Mt Kosciusko on Sunday 13 September and continues online at www.mildurabiennale.com for the duration of the journey.  Domenico de Clario and Steven Rhall will also present new work developed in the early stages of the journey, as part of the Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #10 Opening Long Weekend Experience 2 – 5 October 2015.

Walking Slowly Downhill  : Weaving Stories (Murray River) are two parallel, inter-linked, durational projects with the potential to dramatically shift intercultural awareness across three states in Australia.