Photograph: Koji Ryui

Opening Long Weekend Experience  |  2 – 5 October, 2015

The Mildura Palimpsest Biennale – Opening Long Weekend Experience (2-5 October 2015) is renowned as an extraordinary, experiential and rollicking engagement between artists and audience. Art, food and hospitality brings multicultural Mildura together for a weekend that is unforgettable.

 Download the Opening Long Weekend Program

We’re excited to announce the Opening Long Weekend Experience Program and to welcome everyone to the 10th anniversary of Mildura Palimpsest Biennale

“The Opening Long Weekend Experience is like no other biennale opening. The entire audience joins with all 70 biennale artists for a rollicking four-day intercultural journey. The Biennale as a whole, is a program of collaborative, durational and experimental projects that invoke vital connectivity.  Walking together, everywhere all at once…here ”  – Jonathan Kimberley, Curator

More than 70 artists from many nations across Australia and around the world converge on Mildura to celebrate and present dynamic new site-specific works, made during residencies in the Mildura Region over the previous two years.

The Opening Long Weekend Experience is structured as a unique journey throughout Mildura and the region, visiting every artists installation and/or performance over four days, so that the audience experiences the full program in an inspiring and collegiate way.   Self-walk and self-drive maps are also provided for those who want to take the program at their own pace, however the majority of ‘Palimpsesters’ enjoy the entire weekend as a collaborative event not to be missed!