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12 February 2015 | A gathering of more than twenty Indigenous weavers in Mildura this weekend marks the beginning of an ambitious intercultural arts project for the Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #10
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Unmapping the End of the World: is art a time machine?

Photograph: Daniel Browning. Flaked stone tools and the bones of an unidentified animal in the lunette at Lake Mungo.

Can time—the historical moment—be considered to be right here, now? Is art a time machine? Can a set of fossilised human footprints imprinted quite unconsciously on an outback saltpan 20,000 years ago teach us a lesson? Is walking a spiritual practice? Is contemporary art devoid of spirit? Can we ever ‘read’ a 5,000-year-old topographical map on a hillside in the Italian Alps?

Written by Daniel Browning

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“gift (all the gorgeous nothings)”


Domenico de Clario, gift (all the gorgeous nothings). Photograph: Tracy Farr
“In gift (all the gorgeous nothings), Domenico sat at a piano in the ADFA Building on Deakin Avenue, singing “all the songs he knows”, from the rising of the full moon until the end of astronomical twilight more than two hours later.”

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