Rachel Kendrigan & Rohan Morris, Fragmented Coalesce, 2015, 6-channel HD video installation, Infinite loop, Inland Residency Program. Photo: Fleur Ruddick.

Fragmented Coalesce explores themes of identity and relationship to place through an unfolding, process-based work, dependent on each of the two artists participating in ‘cross residencies’. Each of us selected three sites within our current residing location with which we have an embodied spatial connection, and invited the other to engage in a ‘performative conversation’ in response to the landscape, materials, space, and each other.

Rachel Kendrigan & Rohan Morris, Fragmented Coalesce (still), 2015, 3-channel HD video projection.

Rachel Kendrigan is an emerging artist born in Mildura and now based in Hobart, Tasmania. Her practice and passion is centred around drawing, and using the notions of drawing as a starting point for exploring the body in space, the body as a drawing tool, and the creation of line through movement in space. Rachel engages in performative actions in spaces and landscapes which she holds a personal connection, her performances involving the body as the active agent within rituals associated with creation, intimacy and personal transformation. Rachel presented her first live performance at the Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #9 in 2013 and has gone on to further explore the remediation of her performative practice through video, photography, objects and installation. She recently graduated first class from the Tasmanian College of the Arts Honours Research program.

Rohan Morris initially studied as a Graphic Artist with a love for aesthetics and computer aided design. He is currently undertaking his Masters of Visual Arts via research at La Trobe University, Mildura. Rohan’s practice explores perceived and identified identities through place and time. Working across performance, photography and video – Rohan depicts and explores his identity within various locations, landscapes and scenarios. Rohan participated in Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #9 where he initially started experimenting with performance, by covering the individual identity in an abstracted layer of cloth, allowing the work to hold its minimalistic nature so as to avoid the stereotypical judgment of the male within each domestic role that is depicted. Rohan is the current Co-Curator of Wallflower photomedia gallery based in Mildura and works as the Development Coordinator at Arts Mildura.



Rohan is also participating as an artist in the xs collective.