Koji Ryui, Untitled Drawing (for Unmapping the End of the World), 2015, Installation (detail), poly-coated wires, cotton, found objects. Photo: Fleur Ruddick

Koji Ryui makes sculptures in response to commonplace materials inviting a deep contemplation of the ordinary that transcends its physicality with minimal gestures and a playful sensibility. Untitled Drawing composed of garment dryers, balls of cotton strings and a collection of found spherical objects activates imaginative space informing fundamental elements of drawing: straight lines, curved lines and dots.

Historically, lines have become borders, borders have become territories and territories have become nations. Or similarly, lines may become letters, letters then become words, and words become languages. While the spherical objects are marking coordinates on gallery floor persuading perceptual slippage between scales, the idea of lines responds to the conundrum proposed by Unmapping the End of the World; here, the lines remain abstract. Ironically, the globally mass-produced items for saving space are instead applied to claim space, yet the open-ended nature of the work aspires to connections rather than disconnections.

A portion of the work is arranged to interact with Jonathan Kimberly’s video projections and drawing installation as collaboration. The work packs down into one bag and weighs approx. 23.5kg, which conveniently equals the weight of Ryui’s luggage while he was on the Journey.

Unmapping the End of the World, 2015, Koji Ryui, Julie Gough, Jonathan Kimberley, Daniel Browning, Mishka Henner. Installation (detail), sea shells, enamel on zinc, video projection, wall drawing, poly-coated wire, string, found objects, sound installations. Photo: Danielle Hanifin

Koji Ryui & Jonathan Kimberley, Axis Mundi | Mungo Labyrinth & Untitled Drawing (for Unmapping the End of the World), 2015, Installation (detail), video projection, wall drawing, poly-coated wire, string, found objects. Photo: Jonathan Kimberley.

Koji Ryui is a conceptual sculptor. With a lightness of touch, he remodels commonplace materials such as plastic bags, drinking straws, tape, and aluminium shelves into art objects that reveal unexpected aesthetic and affective qualities in the materials used to make them, and which are arranged into elegant installations. Since his inclusion in the Museum of Contemporary Art’s annual exhibition of emerging artists, Primavera, in 2006, Koji Ryui has been represented by Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney and participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions at leading contemporary art galleries such as Artspace, Sydney and MUMA, Melbourne. In 2013 Ryui exhibited in Roppongi Crossing 2013: Out of Doubt, at the highly regarded Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan, which significantly marked his first exhibition in the country of his birth.

Represented by: Sarah Cottier Gallery