Photograph: Craig Mod, 2015.

John McBride travelled from Perth in Western Australia in 1978 to complete an undergraduate degree at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. He majored in Japanese classical literature and spent his university breaks walking, carefully retracing the classical travel diaries he was reading. These included Matsuo Basho’s trail to the north of Japan and the ancient highway systems and pilgrimages of Japan. John went on to graduate studies in International Relations at the Australian National University and completed an MBA from Melbourne University.

John’s career started at the Australia-Japan Research Centre in Canberra, then to the airline industry establishing a new route into Japan for an Australian airline. He followed this in the chief executive role at a Japanese subsidiary of The News Corporation. During this time he helped establish Sky PerfecTV!, a major satellite television broadcaster in Japan.

Since returning to live in Sydney in 2003 John has spent his annual winter months walking across Australian deserts with a camel operation. He has continued his interest in matching texts about ancient history, natural history, and contemporary history with his walking. In the spring and autumn he has been re-visiting many of his walks in Japan.

John was recently awarded an Order of Australia for his support of Australia-Japan cultural and business links, and for supporting young artists and arts institutions. He is a licensed tea master of the Omotesenke School and joined Walk Japan as tour leader in 2011.