Geoffrey Brown, Stuart Walsh & Friend, God Save Us at Deconstruct @ the Biennale Club, 2015, Live performance, xs collective, Photo: Fleur Ruddick.

Geoffrey Brown is a member of the xs collective, an association of highly experimental installation and live performance artists who contribute collectively-themed and collaborative work towards installations using an experimental lab approach around their interpretation of human excess. The collective shares curatorial oversight. Work is entirely each artist’s or collaboration of artists’ contribution towards a collective notion of human excess. Collective artists join each exhibition on an individual readiness and availability basis. Decisions are made collectively at regular meetings. Artists are listed in reverse alphabet by surname.

Organisational or curatorial oversight is shared between members, either on a collective basis or between one or more volunteer or group-invited members on a loosely rotational basis. The xs collective aims to take advantage of the ‘many heads are better than one’ adage and to fully utilise the increased flow of ideas that comes naturally from collective processes and practices.

Geoffrey is a Mildura-based installation artist who is passionate about art, politics and the environment. His multidisciplinary practice utilises a diverse range of technologies, appropriation and remixed forms – to create immersive often live-art settings that seek to confront human excess with excess – in short, to use excess as form. As a full-time creative arts PhD candidate at La Trobe University, Geoff has moved towards a more collective and collaborative arts practice and is exploring ways of more effectively engaging the public. He has lectured in sculpture and is currently a visual arts technician at La Trobe University.

Other xs collective artists include: Rosina Byrne, Dan Downing, Laura Freitag, Kristian Häggblom, Danielle Hobbs, Rohan Morris, Kerryn Sylvia, and Stuart Walsh.