Ellen Trevorrow, Woven net, 2015. Photograph: Danielle Hanifin

Ngarrindjeri Master Weaver Ellen Trevorrow, Weaving Stories (Murray River), 2015. Photograph: Danielle Hanifin

Ellen Trevorrow is a Ngarrindjeri weaver, born at Point McLeay, South Australia.  Ellen spent her childhood watching and learning from her grandmother, Ellen Brown. Trevorrow began her weaving practice in 1982 and emphasizes that her practice is about cultural regeneration and affirmation. She and her husband have been foundation members of Camp Coorong Race Relations Cultural Education Centre since 1985. Trevorrow regularly teaches weaving workshops at Camp Coorong and also holds workshops at schools, festivals, and institutions. She finds great pleasure in teaching both adults and children and regards the intimate, sharing social environment that is brought into being as one of the most valuable aspects of weaving.

Glenda Nicholls, Bronwyn Razem, Debra Rankine, Jelina Haines, Alice Abdulla, Anne McMahon, Clair Bates, Tina Doolin, Ellen Trevorrow, Samantha Doolin, Charlie Davis, Jennifer Bates, Weaving Stories (Murray River), 2015, Collaborative series of woven fish nets. Photo: Fleur Ruddick