Camilla Franzoni, destroy / forget, 2015, 2 canvases, acrylic on plastic cloth, video. Canvases: 2400 x 2400mm each. Video: 2min, looped. Photo: Danielle Hanifin.

destroy / forget is a tribute to all the lost and forgotten art of the past. In Valcamonica Camilla Franzoni realised how easy it is to rely on something taken for granted, such as history and culture, and how easily this reliance can be turned
upside down. Art can be destroyed by the simple passing of time, by natural events or by chance, but also deliberately by humans (ISIS, the atrocities against aboriginal people…). When we know/perceive our past through art, losing art means losing part of who we are.

Camilla Franzoni, footprint stories, 2015, Circle of soil, white polyvinyl glue, water, 1.5m radius. Photo: Fleur Ruddick

Complementary in some way to destroy / forget, footprint stories underlines the dichotomy between the expressiveness of the mark left involuntarily by some humans during a simple, daily activity dating back to a distant past (the footprints in the dirt) and the obscurity of, or even the total inability to understand, the will to convey the meaning of a work of art.

Camilla Franzoni, an emerging artist Indigenous to Valcamonica in Northern Italy, received a degree in Art History / Archaeology in Parma, Italy and has worked on several archaeological excavations. She started painting in 2007, exhibiting in 2008, and has received a number of awards including: Runner-up at the 22nd Art Prize of Sarezzo, Winner of the PuntoArt prize. Franzoni has also beena guest lecturer at the National Conference of UCAI, Italy.