Bruce was born in Victoria (south-eastern Australia) in 1947 and graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Education. He has a Bunurong and Tasmanian heritage. He has worked as a teacher, farmer, fisherman, barman, farm fence contractor, lecturer, Aboriginal language researcher, archeological site worker and book editor. Pascoe has written 27  books including a loosely linked series of 5 novels and won the Fellowship of Australian Writers´ Literature Award in 1999. His novel, Fog, won the Prime Minister’s award in 2013. His stories have won 10 national competitions and been published in 6 languages and 9 countries.

Over the last few years much of Bruce’s work has involved research into indigenous history, indigenous language revival and being Secretary of the local Aboriginal Corporation. As well as many published non-fiction books detailed on his website, a collaboration with the Wathaurong Aboriginal community resulted in a series of Wathaurong language teaching aids, including a film & CD rom.

The series, Yarning Strong, to which Bruce contributed recently won the Australian Publisher’s Association, Education Award in two categories, Overall and Best Reading series.