Art is a time machine | Symposia Series
NGV International, St Kilda Road, Melbourne

A series of free artist’s talks at the NGV kicks off the conversation about: working between the virtual and the grounded; contemporary intercultural collaboration; walking together as creative practice; and art as material philosophy, all in the context of global contemporaneity.
The Art as a time machine Symposia Series is organised in collaboration with our major education partner La Trobe University.

Symposium #1

Blurring the boundaries of space time
Mishka Henner (UK / France)
Thursday 9 April 2015  |  6.00 – 8.00pm
Provocateurs: Helen Hughes, Editor Discipline magazine & Dr Kristian Häggblom, La Trobe University

Symposium #2

Unmapping the End of the World
Yhonnie Scarce (Kokatha/Nunkunu) & Jonathan Kimberley (Australia)

Thursday 21 May 2015  |  6.00 – 8.00pm
Provocateur: Dr Ian Mclean

Symposium #3

Walking Slowly Downhill
Domenico de Clario (Italy/Aus) & Steven Rhall (Taungurung)

Wednesday 26 August 2015  |  6.00 – 8.00pm
Provocateur: Andrew Stephens, The Age Newspaper

Symposium #4

Sasha Huber (Switzerland) & Petri Saarikko (Finland)
15 September 2015  |  6.00 – 8.00pm
Provocateur: Esther Anatolitis, Director Regional Arts Victoria


Art is a time machine | Symposia Series
Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #10

Wiimbia Mayii Kulpa Larna
Bush Symposium at Mungo National Park
Speakers: Elders and Artists
Friday 2 October 2015  |  12.00 – 4.00pm
Mungo National Park

Symposium at La Trobe University, Mildura
Speakers: Amelia Barikin: Sound Fossils and Speaking Stones:
Being after Time;
Ricky Mitchell, Daniel Browning, Bill Balaskas

Sunday 4 October 2015  |  10.00am – 1.00pm
La Trobe University, Benetook Avenue, Mildura

Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko, Remedies (2010-2011)


Symposium #4
Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko
15 September 2015 | 6.00 – 8.00pm
Provocateur: Esther Anatolitis, Director Regional Arts Victoria

Please come and join us as Sasha, Petri and Esther discuss the Remedies project for Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #10, 2-5 October 2015. Remedies began in Sweden in 2010 when the artists began collecting remedies passed from generation to generation by word of mouth. Sasha and Petri have collected remedies from Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and Swedish participants and interpreted them in performative video. In Mildura, where they are on residency for Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #10, they have asked participants to share remedies that relate to the Eucalyptus tree. Remedies cuts a cross-section through time and cultures and described the implicit cultural threads that underpin our attitudes to health and well-being.