Japan’s Kumano Kodo

Written by Donata Carrazza

Why do we travel and what do we hope to find when we get there, wherever that is? Often leisure, adventure and culture drive the decisions, but with less time available, the choice can reflect a deeper desire to affirm one’s identity and values, or it can be an avenue for turning those precepts on their head and looking at the world more pragmatically.

Walking was my point of interest and grounded-ness was what I wanted; a chance to hear my breathing; think my thoughts, or not; observe the natural world; be alone or with like-minded people; time.

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Yesterday we walked from Hosshinmon = stunning  + a not too strenuous leg. Pondering not panting my way forward ! Last night we stayed at this hotel & celebrated lovely Sasha Huber’s 40th birthday. Hopefully some festivity photos follow.



by Julie Gough

Arrival in Osaka


Following many extraordinary discussions and a week of walking Country with Paakantji/Barkindji, Mutthi Mutthi and Ngiyampaa Elders at Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area / Mungo National Park, the Unmapping the End of the World artists arrive in Osaka, Japan  for the next leg of the international journey: the Kumano Kodo World Heritage  Walk.

John McBride shows us ‘the way’… to be unmapped.

kumpeiKumpei Miyata | Unmapping the End Of the World, Osaka Japan

Unmapping the End of the World begins…


Photo: Danielle Hanifin

Artists, thinkers and elders launch Unmapping the End of the World | Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #10 at Willandra Lakes Region Unesco World Heritage Area / Mungo National Park.