Paul Gazzola, Town Crossings / Mildura, 2015, Video recordings taken from town crossings, with frisbees from journeys, uniVARS Project | University of Tasmania. Photo: Fleur Ruddick

In collaboration with Nadia Cusimano and plan b (GER)
Supported by Open Space Associate Artists program and UTAS

Town Crossings is an experimental mapping project that utilises game play as a strategy of social engagement across the physical landscape. Over the opening days of the biennale a series of journeys from Merbein West to Red Cliffs will take place propelled via the interplay between one person (the player) and the response invoked by throwing a passer-by a Frisbee. A GPS records the meandering trajectories that accumulate in a series of large-scale maps. This highlights how one negotiates the constraints of the local environment whilst reframing the values granted to notions of efficient and economic pathways across time and space.

Paul Gazzola is an artist and curator working in the expanded field of contemporary performance and scenographic design. Over the last 20 years he has generated an innovative array of projects across visual art, architecture, dance, performance, design, installation, video and theory that challenge and negotiate formal ideas around occupation & engagement  across  city,  urban  and  regional  sites.  These  works  for  stages,  galleries,  museums,  site-­‐specific  settings  and print have been commissioned and presented in Australia and Internationally. A new large-­‐scale installation On Closer  Inspection  premiered  in  2015  as  part  of  Mons,  European  City  of  Culture.  He  was  the  Live  Art  Curator  at  Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW generating the 3year project TEMPORARY DEMOCRACIES; Lead facilitator of OPENLab14,  South  Africa,  Co-­‐ordinating  Provocateur  for  SITUATE-­‐Art  in  Festivals  and  SPLENDID  arts  labs  and  in  2012/13 was the inaugural Associate Artist at Critical Path. He is currently co-­‐curator of ADHOCRACY and PLACELab in South Australia as well a being on the curatorial team of Performing Mobilities as part of the 2015 PSI events. He is currently a PHD candidate at UTAS research contemporary curatorial practice in participatory art projects.